Company Introduction

For few years now, Nepal has seen an incredible rise in number of private as well as professional companies. It is evident that the demand for security management has increased with the increase in the companies. Bajra Security Service aims to fill that void with efficient and quality services. Our managerial team is dedicated in providing reliable and trusted security personnel based on the requirements. We recruit retired police officers who are fully trained physically and mentally for the job. Our service is well expanded in all the seven provinces and seventy seven districts of Nepal. Our area of expertise includes Commercial, Industrial, Banks, I/NGOs, Malls, Retail outlets, Construction sites, Hospitals including government owned entity and more.

Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism are more than just words for us. BSS has been one of the pioneers private security company in Nepal. The Company has been operated by experienced expertise since its inception since last 24 years; BSS has endeavored to provide the best solutions to its customers through innovation, and commitment to quality training and strict compliance to international standards.

BSS is backed by a trained work force of over 1500 personnel. BSS delivers premium services with high quality and absolute integrity. BSS believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infra-structure to support the ever changing customer requirements.

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