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For few years now, Nepal has seen an incredible rise in number of private as well as professional companies. It is evident that the demand for security management has increased with the increase in the companies. Bajra Security Service aims to fill that void with efficient and quality services. Our managerial team is dedicated in providing reliable and trusted security personnel based on the requirements. We recruit retired police officers who are fully trained physically and mentally for the job. Our service is well expanded in all the seven provinces and seventy seven districts of Nepal. Our area of expertise includes Commercial, Industrial, Banks, I/NGOs, Malls, Retail outlets, Construction sites, Hospitals including government owned entity and more.

Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism are more than just words for us. BSS has been one of the pioneers private security company in Nepal. The Company has been operated by experienced expertise since its inception since last 24 years; BSS has endeavored to provide the best solutions to its customers through innovation, and commitment to quality training and strict compliance to international standards.

BSS is backed by a trained work force of over 1500 personnel. BSS delivers premium services with high quality and absolute integrity. BSS believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infra-structure to support the ever changing customer requirements.

Our Mission

To provide premium quality, reliable and innovative security solutions.

Our Vision

Be the most preferred professional security service provider for all the stakeholders.


BSS Values (SERVICE) must be followed by all of our employees, each member of our board of directors or parties who works for our organization or represents us. Our values represents our commitment to doing the right thing, personally and professionally, and respecting the rights of others.

Service Excellence
We are committed in providing superior client experience every time. This reflects our integrity towards our clients. We provide clear, consistent communication and extraordinary service. We have been saying time and again that our clients are our number one priority. We really mean it. Hence, we assure excellence and professionalism in our service delivery.

We are continually looking to introduce efficient practices to work. We come up with policies and procedures and make sure they are updated with time so that relevance can be maintained. Our employees are well trained and provided with classes regarding time management and several aspects involved in security world. We, as a company and our employees are well aware of importance of time and the resulting effectiveness.

We are a firm believer of Honesty, integration and professionalism. We respect everyone at the job from our clients to the customers and more. Our company stresses the necessity of respect in our policy as well. We, as a company and our employees respect human rights, dignity, privacy, interests and decision of everyone. We make sure that a perfect team spirit is maintained in the working environment where all of us collectively can make a difference.

Our job revolves around vigilance. It is indeed the most important forte of our job description as well. A professional security personnel needs to have sound sight, hearing and evaluating senses. With or without the use of modern technologies, we make sure that we provide professional vigilance service. Potential risks or incidents need to be addressed and taken care of as quick as possible. Our security personnel are well trained about the use of technologies as well.

Integrity is one of the crucial beliefs of our company. We understand the fact that it takes a lot for a client to actually believe in a company. We make sure that choosing us is one of their best decisions ever. In this quest, we provide top quality services, evaluate our performance regularly and also improve them. On the top of that, we also honor good performances, work on our goals. Increasing credibility of a company and earning the trust is a must for us and we leave no stones unturned to do so.

Since, we are associated with the top clients in the nation, it is obvious that they want confidentiality in terms of information, work process and more. Being a service provider ourselves, we respect the privacy of our clients and everyone associated with us as well. We make sure that the confidential information is protected in accordance with the applicable law and contractual agreements. The agreement may involve information regarding personnel, business relations and information related to our clients.

Equality is one of the integral values of our company. We respect and support gender equity in our company as well. We make sure in our company that every employee is provided with equal opportunities, platform, respect and rights irrespective of their gender. We believe this ensures great working environment in the company. We also make sure that no one is harassed or discriminated in the company premises or anywhere. Regardless of the gender, our employee must be able to express themselves and show their capabilities to our clients as well. We believe, this sense of collectiveness can increase the efficiency of our company.

Our Experience

Board of Directors

Our Experience

Management Team


Bajra Security Service adheres to the highest standards of governance. We make sure that the decision making process in the company is collective. It is essential to address every concern of the company from the employees, clients or anyone associated with our company. We are always focused on taking the company towards the positive direction. The board of directors formulate plans and policies that can address clients, employees and everyone associated with the company. It is essential to make sure that our reliability, integrity and credibility is protected in a long run.

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