Top Security Provider in the country

Top Security Provider in the country

Bajra Security Provider is a top security provider in the nation. It specializes in providing guarding, housekeeping and office support services with a combined strength of employees. We have been catering to the varied needs of economic, Industrial, Banks, I/NGOs, Malls, shops, construction sites, hospitals including government-owned entities as well.

Bajra Security Service has been working towards introducing itself as the most important private security organization that provides a large range of services and equipment for all premises and operations. With the aim of providing high-quality professional security services under the supervision and guidance of officers, Bajra Security was formed within the year 2000 B.S in Kathmandu. Service Excellence, Efficient, Respect, Vigilance, Innovation, Confidentiality and Equality are our core values of SERVICE that differentiate us from other organizations. While manned guarding still represents the inspiration of BSS, we continuously work to develop our offering. This permits us to satisfy client-specific demands at a competitive price. BSS successfully integrates people, knowledge and technology to supply professional security services to clients everywhere in the country.

Being a top security provider in the country, we are committed to produce superior client experience which is reflected through our integrity from the clients who use our services. We strive to be efficient by developing clear policies and procedures, ensuring our policies and procedures are up-to-date. In our company, we treat everyone with respect. Human dignity, privacy, rights and therefore the interests of all are respected by us.


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